For passengers with animals

Rules of travelling with animals

Any passenger wishing to travel with an animal should notify their airline thereof upon purchasing a ticket.

Passengers may travel with up to a maximum of two animals. All enquiries and attempts to secure permission for the transport of an ani^5CE2432189C76C6A4EA4D5FC05AF0177104C71330FE634BFEC^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr-1024x683mal (of any type or breed) must be directed to the consular department of the country of destination.

Any passenger wishing to travel with an animal must be in possession of a certificate issued by a competent public authority and any other documents required by veterinary authorities of the country of destination, the country of departure and any other countries (if any) through which the animal is to be transported.

The quantity of spaces provided for animal transportation on each aircraft type varies; with this in mind, please specify the requirements and norms of such transportation with your chosen airline.

Any passenger wishing to carry their animal in the aircraft’s cabin, upon satisfactorily meeting all requirements, may board their flight with an animal weighing up to a maximum 5 kg on condition that the aforementioned animal is housed in a suitable container.

Rates of animal transportation

The weight of animals and birds, including the weight of their containers (cages) and food, cannot be considered to be part of the (non-chargeable) checked-in luggage allowance. Animals are to be weighed along with their containers.

Rates of transportation depend on the total weight.

Transportation of animals must be be paid for at the non-standard luggage desk in the terminal check-in area.

Guide dogs without a cage can be transported free of charge (with no effect on check-in luggage allowance), provided that the dog has a collar and a muzzle and is lead on a leash by its owner.

Passengers transporting animals or plants must pass phyto- and veterinary control. The desks of animal quarantine and phytocontrol are located in the left wing of the airport complex, in the international airlines’ luggage delivery area.

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